Rodger Hanft
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Rodger's Home Page

  Just a little something for me to help make life a little easier for you.
This is a conglomeration of stuff I want you to know. Some may even be helpful, some may not.

Why did I create this website? Some say it's because I did not get enough attention as a kid. Others say it's because I was a spoiled brat and I still need attention. Why a website? You could have just bloged about yourself like everyone else, it's free and all setup and designed for you. Well I am always in a constant search for self-improvement and knowledge. In 2003 when I started mu first business I barely knew how to use a computer. I would save files and had no idea where they went. Because my business was internet related, I figured I better learn how to use a computer. Now I know far more about computers then the average person, but yet so little. Yes I know my sites are rather basic, but then by business is not creating websites.


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